Putting a New Face Forward on a Healthy Diet

Lately I’ve been putting together before and after photos chronicling my own journey toward health as  well as my clients’ transformations.

The changes always seem to come through the most profoundly in the face. And it’s the face (rather than the abs or “bikini body)” that I really find the most interesting. Something about the eyes and the sense of aliveness that appears as people work with me to change their health.

Anyone who has ever transitioned to health-promoting plant-based diet filled with living foods will tell you that they just feel more alive, energetic and balanced. And I think you can really see it in the face. So I thought you would like to see the results we’ve gotten in the past year or so. There are so many more! But this is a good start.

Check out Brittany!

This is Brittany (above left) who recently lost 12 pounds with me in about 2.5 months eating a plant-strong diet high in raw foods in the right combinations for her body type. She had so much energy that she ran a half marathon in the first few months we worked together and is now training for a full marathon. She also runs a very busy and popular pre-school and has a new zest for work and play! We are still going strong and expect some bikini shots soon!

High energy father.

Scott also transitioned to a healthier body rather quickly over the course of about 3-4 months, shedding 30-plus pounds and finding new energy for bScott Before and After Memeeing a busy single parent with a demanding job in the high tech industry. He has kept the weight off by eating at least two plant-strong meals a day over the last several years. He looks and feels better in his mid-’40s than he did in his mid ’30s and he’s in a way better mood, too! These days he’s eager to hike up mountains rather than spending all of his time watching TV and eating fast food. He is not the same person he was.


Not the man he used to be!

Bill has spent a year or losing 60 pounds and now aims to lose another 10-20 more. He

eats a plant-based diet and has found a way to make it work even though he’s not a huge cook! He hits the gym daily and has increased his endurance dramatically while improving his BMI.Bill Before and After

Here is a full body pic of Bill so you can see the even more dramatic results overall:

More from the ladies…

My client Ruth has lost more than 60 pounds in the last year as well. Here she is at the beginning of her journey on the left and only part way through her journey on the right. Already you can see her face and eyes coming to life! I can’t wait to get more photos from Ruth soon but wanted to give you this sneak preview. Eating healthy is better than any facelift on the planet!Ruth Before and After

She’s full of energy these days, doing hikes in the gorge, walking near her home and riding her bike! This is a new woman!

And now we get to me. These two photos on the left were taken in the winter of 2015 when I had eaten some inflammatory foods over Christmas and the ones on the left were taken about two months into my all raw journey about two months later, in the spring of 2015. You can read about my experiences with weight loss and health in the previous blogs here by clicking at the bottom of the page. (Some of my blogs are aimed at hard core raw foodists and some are more for the general public, so find the one that is right for you!)Four square Beth Meme

I found that raw was the way for me to get the results that I wanted in terms of my health and how I looked. But many of my clients simply incorporate raw foods or just plant-based foods into their diet and get great results just losing weight and feeling great.

How can I help you get these great results? You don’t have to go all raw to do it but we can get incredible results by simply adding the RIGHT foods into your diet, the ones that bring down inflammation and boost weight loss, turning you into an energetic, happy, healthy human. I could not have done it without the help of my coach and now I am delighted to help others on this transformative journey.

Beth Before and After Meme1

A little more inspiration Here’s me at 19 eating pizza and wings and me at 47 the first time I gave raw foods a try! I think I had never really seen my face until I started living on plants!

One more…After birthing two babies I never thought I would have a flat belly again, but here it is! This is me in early 2015 and me after a few months of raw in the spring of 2015, down about 30 pounds.

Before and After Flab May

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For my websites and more testimonials click here!

With love,

Elisabeth Dunham, certified nutrition counselor

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