Why do you still look old, puffy and fat on your raw or “healthy” eating plan?

Why do you still look old, puffy and/or fat on your raw food or plant-based plan? Forget about cooked foods versus raw. That’s yesterday’s news. I have recently noticed the incredible difference in my face and body if I eat one type of raw or plant food versus another. Limiting my diet to only certain types of foods makes my eyes look clear and my features sharp. Once I add in another kind of raw food, the eyes kind of dim, the puffiness comes out and I just look … older.

For instance, fermented salsa that I get at the health food store is technically raw and plant based. But it’s also filled with salt. Mock tuna made with sesame seeds is also raw and plant based. But it only tastes good if you add about a half cup of dulse and some sea salt. Olives are raw, yes. And a bunch of them is about the same as drinking a half cup of ocean water. Salt. Puffsville Yup, salt is delicious and it’s also a ticket to face and body bloat. When I switch back to just fruits and greens, healthy fats and even some cooked non-starchy veggies such as greens and squash it’s like an instant face lift. The nuts/seed/olive trail doesn’t so much make me gain fat as it does water weight. And water weight is part of what makes us look unhealthy.

I hardly ever wear make up or get dressed up. But I am vain about my face. I like looking younger than my 50 years. So I try and do what raw food athlete Ted Carr suggests and eat mostly foods that I can rub into my face, namely fruit, including avocado! I read a lot of comments from women my age (mid ‘40s and older) complaining that they “can’t lose that last 10 pounds” or 20 pounds or whatever even though they are “doing everything right.”

In my experience as a health counselor I have always been able to trouble shoot someone’s diet and find out exactly why they can’t lose that last 5,10 or 20 pounds. It’s actually fun for me because I get to the bottom of it every time. The human body is not such a mystery after all.

So here are my top 5 reasons you are still fat, puffy and old looking on your raw food based or “healthy” eating plan.  These are the prime culprits that could be keeping you from finding your true vibrant self:

Salt. Too much salt. I covered this above but that “little bit” of salt in your diet is keeping an extra 5-8 pounds on you. Lose the salt and lose the pooch and that second/third chin. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. And so so sad. Salt tastes sooooo good. But dropping salt will tighten those jowls and eliminate that pooch in a flash.

Wrong exercise. You are not exercising enough. You are hitting yoga, swimming and weight class at the gym five times a week, but you are not MOVING the way your body needs to move to detoxify and lose weight. My clients who commit to a few of those classes a week and hit road for a 40 minute bike ride, run or even brisk walk every day (or at least four or five times a week) do not retain the weight the way others do. They hit their goal every time. Want to really hit your goal? Train for a 5K, half marathon or even a walking race. It’s not rocket science. There are not a lot of fat runners out there.

Famine and Feast. You are starving yourself with your “island” or your “juice fast” and then falling off face first into a pile of nut butter, sushi or vacation food. So the diet you say isn’t working for you is broken up by lots of periods of being bad. This is not an on-off deal. It’s a lifestyle. For life. Create a plan you can live with on or off vacation and stick to it. My life totally changed when I did this. If I’m being bad I eat an avocado or a steamed squash. (Though currently eating a fully raw diet). It makes me feel decadent and keeps me away from the all you can eat Indian buffet rice fest.

Wine. My female clients especially love their wine. And it’s not the sugar calories that are keeping them fat. It’s the lack of inhibitions that a couple of glasses of wine brings (and who just has one, really?). Glug down a couple of glasses of wine and you are sure to hit the “fuck it” button and hit the chocolate, nut butters, desserts and god-knows-what else in the late night hours. Olives anyone? Try having a kombucha instead if you are serious about losing weight. Can’t stand the thought of no wine? Have a kombucha first and a glass of wine second or save it for weekends only.

Lack of “why.” Without a solid commitment to a lifestyle or a plan we are doomed to failure. When I finally drew up my plan several months ago then I actually started sticking to an actual plan. Today, I have a vegan and a rawnniversary and I plan on sticking to it! Before that I was on this island and that island and this juice fast and that juice fast and this no overts program and that. And then at the end of 30 or 40 some days I would hit the avocado sushi – hard. As in the kind with the conveyer belt where you can pig out for under $10. Sushi is not on my lifetime plan, nor is any kind of starch or fish. But today my plan is FILLED with foods I love so I can eat them first and never feel the need to fall off into less healthy foods again. If you are trying to be raw, starving and then falling off the wagon all the time…then create a plan that meets you where you are – not where you wish you could be. Transition takes time. Watch videos on transition by Ted Carr, 40 Below Fruity and others.

Again, stay away from starving yourself with something your brain and body can’t handle and try adding in some extra avocado and/or some cooked squash and greens so you don’t have to hit the starch bucket so frequently. In my experience, if we are trying to be fully raw, starches set us back. Non-starchy veggies, especially when they are steamed, don’t. At least that is my experience.

Did I not cover it all? Still need more help? Message me and we can chat and maybe set up a session to trouble shoot your diet and get to the root of your problem once and for all. I have amazing specials going for the New Year 2016 including four 25-minute phone sessions with email follow up for $240 and six sessions for $300 (that includes a FREE session).

Send me a PM on Facebook or text or leave me a message at 503-926-4654. You can also email me at elisabethdunham@gmail.com

Hugs and a very happy new year to you!



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