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Getting High While Healing Lyme

Just a quick check in this month with a world about natural highs that have also helped me heal. Here are my five favorites. What are yours?

  1. Raw foods. Greens and fruit. These foods allow me to live in a more and more detoxed body over time and today they also give me a majorly high vibration buzz. Not only have raw foods helped eradicate Lyme disease symptoms in my body but they are the best natural high out there. Filling up on the good stuff instead of the stuff that hurts the body will change your life!

Green Juice in Back Yard2. Vitamins. Particularly the B vitamins. I feel geat when I take methyl B12 and Megafoods brand (live food sourced) B vitamins. They help me detox all those nasty Lyme toxins and heavy metals. I sometimes take DHA from algae plus Vitamin D from sunshine mostly (to dramatically boost immune system and fight off Lyme), and recently zinc to give my immune system an additional boost.

3 .Exercise and other forms of physical exertion. Humans are designed to MOVE. Moving gives us a big boost in serotonin, which is joy in the body! And exercise, even a brisk walk, clears excess blood sugar that creates fat and fermentation (which leads to crappy moods and sluggishness). Fermentation grows Lyme and candida. We don’t want that. So move your body.

4. Prayer, meditation, connection and service to others. Start each day with prayer/meditation and keep the good stuff going throughout the day. A simple prayer: Show me how to be of service. Little opportunities will pop up throughout the day…Highly alkalizing to the body. Lyme cannot thrive in an alkaline body.Beth Jen green panch

5. Hot/cold showers to rev up the system and make me giggle in the morning. With Lava Love, of course! So many health benefits to hot and cold therapy. How long can you stay in the cold. I aim to stay in 1-3 minutes depending on how busy my morning is. Check it out: Cold Shower Benefits  Hydrotherapy is great for Lyme disease, enlivening tissue and your immune system to help you fight off the bad bugs.

Flawless Lava Love Black Heart

*If I could add another one it would be colon hydrotherapy and probiotic food/supplements. There is no greater high than living in a detoxed, healthy body. If you are pissy you probably have a toxic colon and/or liver. Clean it with probiotics and water therapy! Enemas too! I would not have survived my battle with Lyme disease without tons of colon cleansing. A must…

What are your natural highs? Would love to hear from you!



Lava Love  and Elisabeth Dunham Health Website

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