My Go-tos for Ditching SAD

Hello! Here’s my blog with ideas to help your SAD BluesDandy Lion

When your mood and energy tank around early December don’t fret. There are a few key things you can do to help naturally lift your mood!

Unfortunately, I have to do EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things or I don’t get out of the Seasonal Affective Disorder slump right away. Everyone I talk to in my cloudy hometown seems to be suffering.

So if you just can’t take another day of feeling those seasonal blues, try my Instant Sunshine Pack for SAD (I’m including links to brands I like at the bottom of the newsletter but I’m not affiliated with any of them). You won’t believe how cheap some of these supplements are.

Vitamin D. Of course the most important recommendation of all. Within 15 minutes of taking 2,000-6,000 IUs of Vitamin D you can feel your brain starting to change. That’s because Vitamin D triggers your body to make serotonin, its happy neurotransmitter. Quickly too.

Omega from the sea. That means 1 gram of fish oil (or algae oil if you are vegan) per day. In order to get t
he anti-depressant effect we are looking for when it comes to SAD you gotta get the Omega fatty acids that come from fish or what the fish eat: Algae. I learned this at True North Health, a staunchly vegan facility. And it’s true. Chia just doesn’t cut it for those of us with seasonal blues.

Methly B12. OMFree Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor. Freedom cG so good. I like Jarrow formula because it’s cheap (on Amazon for about $7 sometimes). Start with 1,000 mcg twice a day. This lovely supplement heals the nervous system and balances the mood and can get you out of a slump pretty quickly.

A good B vitamin. This is another must have in my cold weather Instant Sunshine Pack. My favorite brand by far: Megafoods Balanced B complex. It has a nice, soothing and lifting impact on the mood this time of year. All of the B vitamins help nourish and steady your nerves. You won’t be so bothered by those crazy drivers and lines at the grocery store.

Keep that liver clean! A clean liver is the key to a happy mood. So try some liver cleaning dandelion tea or another bitter such as raw baby arugula in your salad. Raw beets are another fantastic liver cleansing tonic for winter. Eat them grated in salads or blended in raw soups and smoothies. Enemas and colon hydrotherapy are also very helpful this time of year! You won’t believe the difference a clean colon/liver makes.

Sunshine. The source of all goodness when it comes to moods. Some of us require some sunlight on our skin in order to feel 100 percent. If you can’t head to the tropics, head to your nearest tanning bed, STAT. Even sitting in a tanning bed for eight to 10 minutes once a week or twice a month can totally change your life this time of year. I can’t say enough about this trick. The minute you are in the tanning bed and for days afterwards you will notice that you just feel better. I always think “Why did I wait until December to do this?” If you are fair skinned this option is not for you. Stick with a little Vitamin D.

Fruit plate
And nothing – nothing – helps the mood like a health-promoting plant-filled diet filled with raw sun foods. If you have trouble knowing where to start or would like a little tune up to get you on back on track for 2016 send me an email.

My programs start for as low as $240 for four life-changing, life re-booting sessions. You will get weekly phone support (in all 50 states plus Asia and Europe) with all of your materials emailed to you following each session. You can even ask me questions between sessions. Health counseling can totally and completely change your life and help you feel better fast. Don’t spend a minute of 2016 feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired. Start your transformation today.

Yours in health!
Elisabeth Dunham

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Here’s links to the supplements I mentioned

Vegan D3

Algae Omega

Methyl B12

B Complex

Pink Dress Girl

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