Free From Extra Weight and Smoking on Plant Strong Diet!

This is one of my favorite testimonials. Increasing the plant foods in my clients’ diet has an amazing impact on their health – no matter where they’re coming from in terms of their eating.

We got Beth on the right foods and the right (inexpensive) supplements and she healed years of digestive issues that had stumped doctors. She also lost 12 pounds and quit smoking after decades. Amazing stuff happens when you make small incremental changes that add up to big changes!

Energized, leaner and no longer smoking

       By the time I started seeing Elisabeth I had hit a wall with conventional doctors. I wasn’t getting the help I needed, and knew I needed to do something different. I was at the end of my rope. I had had surgery two years earlier for a bowel obstruction – and the two years leading up to seeing Elisabeth had been absolutely miserable. I was always tired. No one could give me answers as to why I was having constant digestive distress and IBS symptoms. I stopped going out much – or if I did go somewhere I would often have to leave early. Sometimes I wouldn’t have problems but I couldn’t count on it.

I was having a really difficult time managing the health system. My issues were so complex and nobody knew if it was my digestive system or reproductive system and I kept being referred to different doctors.

Last spring I experienced a huge spike in symptoms for about six weeks. That was in May and I started seeing Elisabeth in June.

During health counseling, the benefits I received far outreached what I thought they would be. It became about a lot more than just my diet and my digestive health – but in a positive way. Working with Elisabeth helped me to better understand the connection between all of the different systems in my body rather than just solving one problem. I learned I had to take a whole person approach.

Today, I would say I am in a much better place. I experience very few to zero symptoms and I am still learning more and more about the underlying issues in my body. I have become more in tune with my body. Now, I can actually tell when I don’t feel right and when things affect me. When I was eating poorly I wouldn’t even know that I was exhausted or that my sleep needed to be adjusted.

While working with Elisabeth I lost about 12 pounds, partly because I had more energy to work out with a personal trainer and on my own and to do the shopping and preparation it takes to eat the foods that keep the IBS symptoms at bay.

The biggest impact has been the huge positive impact on my digestive health. I have experienced a reduction in symptoms and I feel better and have more energy. I was able to see results and meet some of my personal goals at the gym thanks to greater strength and endurance. At one point my weight loss had stalled and I was able to push past the plateau in the gym.

During health counseling and with Elisabeth’s support, I also quit smoking after more than 20 years. What helped me to do that was to realize that everything is interconnected and if I wanted the best possible results I was going to have to do something about that too. That was part of the mental, educational thing that if I am working this hard on other things I can’t keep putting that into my body. I feel like I’m a pretty smart person but it wasn’t until I was listening to somebody else that it was made more real. Elisabeth was able to take what I knew and put it into practice in a way that worked for me. She gave me real tangible things to put into practice.

What made it work was the fact that we did it in increments that I could handle. You have to teach people in increments that they can handle. Elisabeth broke down the process into steps I could easily take on a week-to-week basis. If she had started tout telling me where I would be today I would have quit. Quit smoking and start eating healthy? I would not have believed it. But with week-by-week direction we did it in a way I could handle it.

People don’t learn in one way and Elisabeth was able to meet me where I was at with what I was able and willing to do. I would not have gotten the same results without her.

-Beth Putz, Portland, OR

We have health coaching programs starting as low as four 25-minute sessions (with email follow up suggestions/support and resources) for $240 or six for $300 (one session free!). Please text me at 503-926-4654 or private message me on Facebook if you are interested in transforming yourself in the new year!



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