How Extra Weight Effects Your Insides

Harvard University Study Reveals the Fat Facts

Did you know that if you are carrying extra pounds you face a higher-than-usual risk for more than 50 different health problems?

These health problems include heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer – the nation’s leading causes of death. Yes, that cheese pizza you are sneaking is more deadly to Americans than those cigarettes advertised in magazines. The leading causes of death in this country are all caused by food not drugs or alcohol.

But there are other risks strongly associated with carrying extra pounds including everything from gout and gallstones to depression and other mood disorders.

Thin Veggies Fat Meat

So carrying extra weight is not just a problem of body image it’s a problem of health. According helpguide, a Harvard study that combined data from more than 50,000 men (participants in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study) and more than 120,000 women (from the famed Nurses’ Health Study) revealed some sobering statistics about weight and our health.

Volunteers in the study provided their height and weight, as well as details about their diets, health habits, and medical histories.

Harvard researchers then tracked the volunteers over more than a decade.

They noted the occurrence of illnesses and compared those developments with each subject’s body mass index (BMI)—an estimate of an individual’s relative body fat calculated from his or her height and weight, according to the article.

The findings: Being overweight or obese increased the risk of diabetes 20 times and substantially increased the risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and gallstones.

Among people who were overweight or obese, there was a direct relationship between BMI and risk: the higher the BMI, the higher the likelihood of disease.

So if you’re carrying some extra weight and not feeling your best, it may be time to look for a solution before things turn dire. We always suggest starting with the movie “Forks Over Knives” (free on Netflix or for rent on YouTube). If you watch it and get as inspired as we did years ago, then try watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”

In both films you will see people taking complete control and responsibility for their health through their actions, mainly eating a health-promoting plant-based diet and beginning a moderate exercise program.

Before and After Flab MayWe did this ourselves (as you can see above) and got amazing results. But we needed help, lots of help, to do it right. A plant-based diet done the wrong way can make your health worse and cause that belly to get bigger. But with a little guidance, support, expertise and resources/recipes you will be well on your way toward the new, slimmer and more healthier you – in no time flat.

Let’s help you reverse disease in your body, get you off those meds and lose those extra pounds that are making you sick and leading toward an early grave. Who wants to spend their latter years in a nursing home when we could be living independently, gardening in our own yards, driving ourselves and staying in control of our health and weight as we age. Age itself does not make us sick but our reliance on unhealthy foods does.

So much of what we have learned about health and food over the years is just wrong. Let’s get you on the right track today!

Ruth before and after meme
My client Ruth has now lost more than 70 pounds and loves her plant-based way of life!


We have health counseling programs that will change your life starting as low as $240. Call today for your FREE health chat. (503) 926-4654. Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Don’t wait another day!

Let food be thy medicine … We did!
And it changed our lives. That’s why we help busy people like you heal their bodies, lose weight and MANIFEST HEALTH NOW!

We are people like you working for you. We understand the pressures you are under. That’s why we became certified nutrition counselors and developed this easy-t0-follow, inexpensive plant-based program that will dramatically change the way you look and feel in just 10 days (if not sooner) while allowing you to take the best parts with you when you leave.

Fruit plate

We have developed a roadmap to health based on the latest research. Perhaps you’ve watched Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead or Crazy Sexy Cancer. Maybe you’ve read the China Study. You’ve heard these diets can reverse and prevent heart disease and other illnesses, reduce cholesterol, inflammation and weight while improving moods and problems with stress. But you might be wondering where to begin and how to make this way of life realistic for you.

That’s where we come in! We developed the Manifest Health nutritional counseling program to take the guess work out of eating a plant-based, health-promoting diet (from vegan to plant-based paleo and everything in between) that will help you feel better than ever. Let us support you.

As part of this simple step-by-step process (weekly 25-minute telephone sessions with email followup of summary and resources/recipes) you will:

-Reverse and prevent many chronic health conditions
-Drop unneeded pounds while eating delicious foods
-Cleanse and detoxify your body at a cellular level
-Have more energy and mental focus
-Begin to heal your body and mind
-Heal digestive problems & sleep better!
Start to get these results today. Text: 503-926-4654. To get started on your free session simply fill out one of the attached health forms today and email it back to us. We’ll get in touch to schedule your session!



Elisabeth Dunham, CNC, CHC, AADP
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Plant based nutrition for all tastes
Health From the Inside Out via Manifest Health Now!
Founder/CEO Lava Love Bath Products
http://www.elisabethdunhamhealth.weebly.com (temporary website for a few weeks)

Text me! 503-926-4654
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