What Happened to My Lyme Symptoms When I tried CBD for Five Days?

By Elisabeth Dunham

By the time I became willing to try CBD oil for my Lyme symptoms I’d been dealing with the illness for more than a decade. Although I’d experienced tremendous healing on a mostly raw plant-based diet, I will still having some digestive problems, occasional pain and numbness and anxiety. I wanted to take my healing further.

Put back in anecdote about the pool lady

So when a Facebook friend posted about full spectrum CBD oil for symptoms like mine I ordered the smallest bottle possible.

It arrived a week later and this is what happened:

Day 1. I place two drops under my tongue and hold it there for 90 seconds. Within a few minutes I feel a sort of warmth spreading through my body, kind of like an ethereal honey coating my nerves. Maybe I’m imagining it? All I know is I’m no longer afraid of this herb. I sense a growing mellowness that I have not felt in years.

Day 2. I put a full half dropper of the oil under my tongue. This time nothing happens, maybe because the CBD from the day before is still in my system and I already feel pretty good. But as I drive through traffic to pick up kids I notice I am not feeing the normal level of stress. In fact, I’m not sure I’m anxious at all. The drive was actually…relaxing. What the heck is this stuff?

Day 3.  I try another half dropper. I’m able to get through my to-do list without getting stressed out by the workload. I’m starting to notice that the pain and numbness I sometimes get in my right arm and leg when I work too hard is not there. The rush hour drive is again uneventful, even placid.

Day 4. The experiment is going well so I decide to increase my dosage and add another dropper in the afternoon. I continue to feel relaxed and upbeat throughout the day and I’m not getting the typical joint pain and headaches that I’ve occasionally for years even on raw foods. It kind of feels like I’ve attached some sort of Teflon coating to my nervous system and moods and things kind of bounce off me now without the typical inflammatory response associated with Lyme.

Day 5. Two droppers again. Still feel good. I read that CBD oil is thought to actually kill the Lyme spirochete. But for me there is no herxheimer reaction that you can get with some Lyme killing supplements – at least not on the low dose that I am taking. Rather, I’m just feeling kind of balanced and mellow throughout the day.

The rest of the month.Hammock

Over the next month I research more. CBD is short for cannabidiol, the name of the active element in cannabis.  But unlike the other active element – THC – there is no psychosis involved when it interacts with the body. So CBD, it seems, is the perfect medicine for my particular constitution, which craves serenity rather than the high. And, the article says that CBD is thought to be as effective as a benzodiazepine (think Ativan or Xanax) minus the pesky side effects.

There’s even more exciting news related to Lyme. The short version is that CBD oil is thought to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that not only reduces pain but also HEALS the nervous system. And I learned there were people who were using CBD as an antibacterial to kill Lyme. And there seemed to be some science to back that up.

The five-day experiment is over but CBD is the gift that keeps on giving. Among other things, I no longer dread driving and I no longer have daily anxiety. And I no longer judge the cannabis!

I’m also sleeping like a rock without waking in the middle of the night or the crack of dawn unable to go back to sleep. My digestion is still a work in progress but overall, the balancing of emotions seems to be helping in that area as well.

Most importantly I’m able to spend better quality time with my kids because I’m no longer experiencing as many flares of Lyme-related symptoms. Lately we’ve been playing a lot of basketball at night – and that is something I would have been too worn out to do at the end of the day, even months ago.

So to recap, here’s how CBD has helped me in the last few months.

-Vastly reduced anxiety and panic attacks

-Less pain in my limbs

-Less numbness in my limbs after working hard

-Fewer headaches and reactions to foods

-Better moods and a general sense of wellbeing

-Teflon for the emotions

-More productive at work

-Better quality of life overall

-More energy to play and exercise with my kids

-Hopeful about CBD’s purported Lyme-killing properties

Levitation and FieldIf you have any questions please send me an email at the address below or LIKE Lava Love on FB and follow on Instagram and message me there.

Many blessings to you on your healing path!


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