What Happened to My Lyme Symptoms When I tried CBD for Five Days?

By Elisabeth Dunham

By the time I became willing to try CBD oil for my Lyme symptoms I’d been dealing with the illness for more than a decade. Although I’d experienced tremendous healing on a mostly raw plant-based diet, I will still having some digestive problems, occasional pain and numbness and anxiety. I wanted to take my healing further.

Put back in anecdote about the pool lady

So when a Facebook friend posted about full spectrum CBD oil for symptoms like mine I ordered the smallest bottle possible.

It arrived a week later and this is what happened:

Day 1. I place two drops under my tongue and hold it there for 90 seconds. Within a few minutes I feel a sort of warmth spreading through my body, kind of like an ethereal honey coating my nerves. Maybe I’m imagining it? All I know is I’m no longer afraid of this herb. I sense a growing mellowness that I have not felt in years.

Day 2. I put a full half dropper of the oil under my tongue. This time nothing happens, maybe because the CBD from the day before is still in my system and I already feel pretty good. But as I drive through traffic to pick up kids I notice I am not feeing the normal level of stress. In fact, I’m not sure I’m anxious at all. The drive was actually…relaxing. What the heck is this stuff?

Day 3.  I try another half dropper. I’m able to get through my to-do list without getting stressed out by the workload. I’m starting to notice that the pain and numbness I sometimes get in my right arm and leg when I work too hard is not there. The rush hour drive is again uneventful, even placid.

Day 4. The experiment is going well so I decide to increase my dosage and add another dropper in the afternoon. I continue to feel relaxed and upbeat throughout the day and I’m not getting the typical joint pain and headaches that I’ve occasionally for years even on raw foods. It kind of feels like I’ve attached some sort of Teflon coating to my nervous system and moods and things kind of bounce off me now without the typical inflammatory response associated with Lyme.

Day 5. Two droppers again. Still feel good. I read that CBD oil is thought to actually kill the Lyme spirochete. But for me there is no herxheimer reaction that you can get with some Lyme killing supplements – at least not on the low dose that I am taking. Rather, I’m just feeling kind of balanced and mellow throughout the day.

The rest of the month.Hammock

Over the next month I research more. CBD is short for cannabidiol, the name of the active element in cannabis.  But unlike the other active element – THC – there is no psychosis involved when it interacts with the body. So CBD, it seems, is the perfect medicine for my particular constitution, which craves serenity rather than the high. And, the article says that CBD is thought to be as effective as a benzodiazepine (think Ativan or Xanax) minus the pesky side effects.

There’s even more exciting news related to Lyme. The short version is that CBD oil is thought to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that not only reduces pain but also HEALS the nervous system. And I learned there were people who were using CBD as an antibacterial to kill Lyme. And there seemed to be some science to back that up.

The five-day experiment is over but CBD is the gift that keeps on giving. Among other things, I no longer dread driving and I no longer have daily anxiety. And I no longer judge the cannabis!

I’m also sleeping like a rock without waking in the middle of the night or the crack of dawn unable to go back to sleep. My digestion is still a work in progress but overall, the balancing of emotions seems to be helping in that area as well.

Most importantly I’m able to spend better quality time with my kids because I’m no longer experiencing as many flares of Lyme-related symptoms. Lately we’ve been playing a lot of basketball at night – and that is something I would have been too worn out to do at the end of the day, even months ago.

So to recap, here’s how CBD has helped me in the last few months.

-Vastly reduced anxiety and panic attacks

-Less pain in my limbs

-Less numbness in my limbs after working hard

-Fewer headaches and reactions to foods

-Better moods and a general sense of wellbeing

-Teflon for the emotions

-More productive at work

-Better quality of life overall

-More energy to play and exercise with my kids

-Hopeful about CBD’s purported Lyme-killing properties

Levitation and FieldIf you have any questions please send me an email at the address below or LIKE Lava Love on FB and follow on Instagram and message me there.

Many blessings to you on your healing path!


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What Happens When a Pot-Phobic Sober Person tries CBD for Five Days

I was never a good stoner. I did not experience any “high” from smoking marijuana. Instead, I just got paranoid and hungry. Nothing fun about that. So I smoked my last joint in the summer of ’87 and have never gone back to it.

And for years I had some very strong opinions about cannabis. I’ve been clean and sober since I was 21 (almost 30 years now) and the general opinion in the recovery world is that marijuana is a drug (like any other street drug) that can ruin lives. Because of my 12-step conditioning I did not see cannabis as a life-giving elixir or a pathway to creativity. And I certainly didn’t think it could heal the body. In fact, I thought just the opposite was true. Smoking pot causes lung cancer, right?

Beth WillieWhen pot was legalized in Oregon and people started vaping in line for the cash register at Fred Meyer I was further disgusted. While I have always supported the legalization of pot – because I think outlawing any natural plant is ridiculous – I did not see marijuana as something that could enhance lives.

In fact, I was so turned off by pot that I once asked a tour manager to pass a note to Willie Nelson asking the singer to join my band for a couple of songs after his show. We were playing upstairs as part of an after-show for the legendary performer’s concert in Amsterdam. Even though I had full access to him and really wanted to meet my idol I did not want to stand there marinating in his crew’s pot smoke in order to do it. In other words I was willing to give up a meet and greet with Willie in order to avoid a contact high. “No honey,” drawled his affable road manager. “You’ll have to give him a hug and give it to him yourself.”

So I stood there with tendrils of pot smoke spinning slowly around my head shooting the shit with Willie’s crew until the coolest person on the planet finally came off the stage after five encores. And thank God that I did because a very smiley Willie gave me the promised hug and posed for a photo that I still treasure to this day. And he seemed like he loved every minute of it, probably thanks in no small part to all that pot.

Willie is clearly not one of those people who turns into a paranoid nervous wreck on pot. He’s got the genetic green light to smoke Mary Jane, and he’s very good at it. Despite his habit, he manages to stay fit, jogging miles each week, all while creating musical masterpieces and over-achieving his way to legendary musical stardom. He could not be further from the puffy couch potato teen pot smoker I’d been.

Skipping forward a decade or so

I’ve been sick with Lyme for a long time, lost my musical career and my marriage to this dreadful disease that has wasted my body and made it impossible for me to digest food properly and get much nutrition into my system. I’ve been in pain – sometimes screaming and crying pain – for a decade. But I’m hopeful now because raw foods are helping me balance my weight and feel better.

One day I meet a woman by a pool in Central Oregon and she begins to tell me about her dispensary in West Linn, a suburb of Portland. She mentions medical marijuana and my eyes start to glaze over as the Garfunkel & Oats song “Weed Card” starts running through my brain. I figure she’s just another Oregon stoner.

I try to relate, tell her that I have Lyme disease and know that people with Lyme are using medicinal marijuana but that I could never do that because I have been clean and sober for 28 years and can’t jeopardize my sobriety. She patiently explains that there are new strains of hemp called CBD containing virtually no THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana) and that they do not give you the “high” of THC but can help significantly with pain and low moods/anxiety associated with Lyme and other chronic illnesses. The plants are not even considered marijuana but rather industrial hemp.

I am a little bit interested but file the information away in my brain for a few years.

Beth and Lava Love CBDThen, a few months ago, someone in my little raw foods universe on Facebook posts something about ordering some full spectrum hemp oil (aka CBD) online. I can’t even remember what she said exactly but it prompted me to ask her a question about the product and she told me it was free of THC and that it was helping a lot of people with chronic illness, anxiety and depression. Because there was less than .03 percent THC there was no mind-altering effect and no unpleasant side effects. Despite my clean diet and years of various protocols I’m still experiencing some nerve and joint pain and headaches. I order the smallest bottle possible and decide to try it for five days – and then give it to a friend if it doesn’t work for me.

It arrives a week later and this is what happened:

Day 1. I break the seal on the bottle and put two drops in my mouth and hold it under my tongue for 90 seconds, per the instructions on the label. Within a few minutes I feel a soft warmth spreading through my body, kind of like ethereal honey coating my nerves. Maybe I’m imagining it? All I know is I’m no longer afraid of this herb. Unlike other tinctures I have tried in my Lyme career this one does not seem to have a downside. I try a few more drops and still feel good, even sensing a growing mellowness and happiness.

Day 2. I put a full half dropper of the oil under my tongue. This time nothing happens, maybe because the CBD from the day before is still in my system and I already feel pretty good. But as I drive through traffic to pick up kids I notice I am not feeling the normal level of stress. In fact, I’m not sure I’m anxious at all. The drive was actually…relaxing. What the heck is this stuff? When I get home I start researching more. Turns out that CBD is short for cannabidiol, the name of the active element in cannabis.  But unlike the other active element – THC – there is no psychosis involved when it interacts with the body. (And yes, that “high” of THC is considered a type of psychosis). So CBD, it seems, is the perfect for my particular constitution, which craves serenity rather than the high. And, the article says that CBD is thought to be as effective as a benzodiazepine (think Ativan or Xanax) minus the pesky side effects. (Like addiction).

Day 3.  I try another half dropper under the tongue. The rush hour drive is uneventful, even placid. It occurs to me that it is not what CBD gives me that is valuable but rather what it takes away. Me on CBD feels a lot like me after a few weeks on a 100 percent raw food diet. (See the articles down below on more of how it works in the body to calm things down). The hemp oil seems to reduce inflammation so that pain is reduced. And it seems to take away the anxiety and the bad moods that come with an inflamed body. That night I sleep like a rock. And I noticed that my dreams are vivid and I am able to recall most of them. This is also something new.

Day 4. The experiment is going well so I decide to increase my dosage and add another dropper in the afternoon. I continue to feel relaxed and upbeat throughout the day and realize I am no longer experiencing the Lyme-induced numbness and pain that I sometimes would get in my right arm and leg, especially if I’ve been making a lot of soap for my business or typing for too long. This is getting more interesting each day and I start to delve more deeply into my research on the impact of CBD on Lyme and degenerative illness. The short version is that CBD oil is thought to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that not only reduces pain but also HEALS the nervous system. And I learned there were people who were using CBD as an antibacterial to kill Lyme. And there seemed to be some science to back that up.

Day 5. Two droppers again. Still feel good. No manic “high” that you get with some adaptogenic herbs and no herxheimer reaction that you can get with some Lyme killing herbs. Just a nice mellow feeling throughout the day. Yoga and mediation are extremely relaxing and bliss-inducing with the CBD in my system.

The rest of the month.

The five-day experiment is over but CBD is the gift that keeps on giving. Among other things, I no longer dread driving and I no longer have daily panic attacks while sitting in traffic. I’m more productive at work and problems seem easier to solve. Social anxiety has melted and I am getting out in the world more. CBD has even aided my recovery by making my 12-step meetings – and the ensuing personality parade therein – less overwhelming. And this sleeping-through-the-night thing is a huge bonus. That alone is a huge help in healing my body.

In a nutshell, my life has gotten better with CBD.  I just feel better. I’ve returned to eating a diet that is 95-98 percent raw and I don’t experience the long-term detox headaches and aches and pains like I used to. Lyme is a brutal, painful and soul stealing disease that can seem hopeless for years on end, especially when you’ve been to doctor after doctor, naturopath after naturopath, spent tens of thousands of dollars on pills, powders and potions – all to no avail. Friends and family disappear for long stretches not able to understand what you are going through or worse, not believing you are even sick. If you have Lyme you may know very well what I am talking about.

Finding the raw foods lifestyle and gentle ways to detoxify my body of Lyme was the first big game changer for me. CBD has been the second big game changer.

As I read more about the benefits of CBD oil in terms of Lyme disease and other illnesses I knew that I had to get this product out to a wider audience and I was able to work with the owners of the brand I used – and loved so much – in order to create a line of vegan and organic Lava Love CBD products. I tried other brands and they never felt like this one. I’m still not sure why but it seems that it has something to do with the fact that it is full spectrum and the very clean way it’s extracted.

This was an effortless, fun endeavor and it felt like the Universe was giving me the green light, the big GO FOR IT. No obstacles or roadblocks. It just flowed. I’m so grateful to all of you who have written to me with questions and comments and ordered the Lava Love hemp oils off my website in the last few days since the product launched.

This particular CBD has turned out to be a perfect fit for my Lava Love line of lava-based products due to the fact that the full spectrum hemp plants that produce the oil are grown in volcanic soil and because there were a huge variety of terpenes (flavors) available from natural plants that happen to be native to Oregon.

There is so much to share about CBD’s impact on Lyme disease and other health issues that I can’t share it all here. So I’ve put a couple of links at the bottom to explain the benefits further.

But the big thing for me has been relief from years of anxiety and panic. This morning, driving during rush hour, I caught myself thinking “Driving is so relaxing I could do it all day. I really need to take a road trip!” That, my friends, is something new.

I never expected this miracle. And that is why I will spend the rest of my life spreading the good news about this incredible product. I thank God every day for raw foods and CBD oil.

Many blessings to you on your healing path!

Elisabeth (links below)

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If you have any questions you can email me at elisabethdunham@gmail.com or text me at 503-926-4654. You can also FOLLOW Lava Love USA on Instagram and LIKE Lava Love on Facebook. Thank you! You can also book a session with me if you need to go further in your healing!


Live a Little

By Elisabeth Dunham

Once again and as always, my blogs are aimed at those folks with chronic illness and eating issues – not you everyday folks humming along eating whatever and feeling great. But no matter which category you fall into feel free to read on. It’s just that those with the more serious, life threatening chronic illnesses and obesity/eating disorders will be more apt to relate with something that could sound extreme to the rest of you. And this is a particularly sensitive topic. Because it’s part of the fabric of the current American dream (or nightmare, depending on how you look at it).


Live a Little.Elisabeth in Pink

It’s one of the deadliest slogans of all time for those of us facing life-threatening illness or obesity-related conditions. It’s also deadly for those of us simply stuck in the pleasure trap and living lives of quiet desperation and not sure how to get out.

And yet it sounds so innocent. Come on! Live a little. You only live once!

Today I wrote this blog based on a message I sent earlier in the day to two of my group coaching clients, women who are buddying up to do my alkaline plant-based program, the same program that keeps me in remission from late-stage neurological Lyme. (I do a raw version but it can be raw or high raw). We have all found that we felt better almost instantaneously by systematically packing more greens into every part of our day – no matter what kind of plant-based diet we were eating. So if this information is not helpful to you on your journey, then please ignore it. These women are warriors. So if you are a warrior too you might like it. (If not go see the new Wonder Woman movie STAT and become a warrior! Wonder Woman can change your life!)

Hi friends,

I’m dropping the vision of myself as someone who screws up from time to time and makes it ok. It’s no longer ok. (Only took me 52 years to figure it out). I see everyone who is successful at meeting their goals NOT having the mindset of “live a little” and “it’s ok to fail.” For me it’s no longer ok. It’s life and death. I must succeed. For myself. For my kids. In order to live the life I want to live.

This is what I have observed over the years. People who are not meeting their goals tend to have somewhere in their psyche the mindset of “I’m human” and therefore it’s ok to “live a little.” When they fall they hear again and again from well meaning people in groups: “Hey, we’re only human. It’s ok. We all need to live a little.” Sounds so sweet. People like you when you say that to them. But for me it’s a form of seduction toward my baser instincts. It is not the mindset of overcomers and the people I see winning. (There was even one raw group that seemed to have “live a little” as its foundational premise. People in there were very busy living a little and finding lots of friendly company as they got sicker and larger).

We often hear it from others. But mostly, we tell ourselves to live a little. Before each lapse we tell ourselves in some way or another to “just live a little.” And I understand that mindset because I’ve had it come and go over the years in my battle with late-stage neurologic Lyme disease. Food is comforting, after all, and like many Americans it was one of my greatest sources of comfort throughout most of my life. It was a drug. And that’s how I found myself in this pickle called Lyme.

(Yet another subject for a blog: chronic Lyme is the result of lifestyle choices and toxicity levels more than it is the result of a bug bite. Notice I said “chronic” Lyme not “acute” Lyme. Look up “acidosis”).

Live a little is the great American excuse. However, it’s not one I want to use any more.Cool Green smoothie pic

I did the live a little mindset and got 90-95 percent well from Lyme and co-infections. Mostly, I would eat a raw or high raw low-fat vegan diet and then veer off into “healthy” high fat vegan eating that could quickly spiral into not-so-healthy vegan eating. I had just enough relapses to keep me a few inches from the finish line.

Today I want to live a lot by no longer living a little and veering off plan just because friends or family are encouraging me or I’ve got some excuse in my head.

The older you are the harder it is to not fall off into live-a-little land. We’ve got the deep grooves in our behavior patterns. There’s that place you always go with your husband on Friday nights (the little oasis that you look forward to, your reward, your safe place each week), that Thai restaurant where I meet my best friend once a month that has the best pad thai in town, our girls-night-out Gardenburgers and fries at the brew pub. The best onion rings at that place on the coast. Live a little. Everyone at that table will say it to you if you give them the cue. Forget about what happens the next day when you can barely move and the scale went up a few pounds. And you have to start over. Again. Your friends who told you to live a little don’t have chronic illness so they don’t know the extreme pain we can get into by jumping in and joining the party. They may not know the hopelessness of the weeklong binge that that night out triggered. But we do.

At True North Health we learned that all restaurants essentially serve the same thing: fat, sugar and salt, which amounts to a big dopamine hit. It’s a drug! But if we are willing to learn and execute some new behaviors we will replace that dopamine with serotonin, the joy drug in our brain that comes with eating a healthy diet – and soon the the dopamine high is replaced with serotonin bliss. But most of us never get to that point. We can’t give up the fix because we don’t realize there is something better. We tell ourselves our social food gatherings are about connection but really, for many of us, they are about the hit. There are so many other ways to connect that don’t involve harming ourselves. But most of us never enter into that paradise so we can’t imagine such a life. So we carry on.

Yes, it’s counterintuitive to prepare your own food or bring extra produce into a restaurant to fatten up those too-small salads. But after about a week it’s just a fact of life and the pay off is that you get to start living a lot by feeling energetic, vibrant and happy rather than fat, sick and nearly dead like everyone else hitting middle age.

Where does live a little get us as a society? Too all the places most Americans go every day. It gets us tired in the afternoon, fatigued “because we are getting old and that’s just what old is,” cranky, achy and itchy (you wouldn’t believe the rashes that are sent to me via Lava Love channels, the eczema, dermatitis and acne, all the result of living a little and not quite sticking to plan).

Live a little is the menopause symptoms (heat flashes and fatigue) that women my age are certain they have to endure because someone who had never experienced the freedom of a well executed plant-based diet told them they had to go through it. It’s just part of your life as a woman. (No it’s not!) Live a little is inflammation. And inflammation is at the root of every human dis-ease, from cancer and heart disease to depression and anxiety.
You are welcome to hold onto live a little and use it some more. But I want to be free today because I know what freedom is and I want to stay there.

Focus on the solution and the solution gets bigger. That has always been my slogan for healing. If we focus on the problem the problem gets bigger. But if we focus on the solution the solution gets bigger. So I had to take a close look at the people rocking it in terms of health  (it’s all in the eyes, the clear bright white eyes) on social media. One of the things they have in common is they no longer have the live a little mentality. That’s how they became the people rocking it. You will not hear videos telling you to live a little from Melissa Raimondi, Tanny Raw, Ted Carr, Chef A.J. or Dr. Alan Goldhamer.Dragon Fruit

At the other end of the spectrum there are vegan and raw vegan ketogenic folks using that diet to heal Lyme (very nicely I might add) and they are also not telling you to go live a little. If you listen closely they are all telling you to stay on plan without mistakes (Matt Monarch repeats that) and to have patience if you want to achieve the results they are getting. By the way, I have gone into ketosis during many water fasts and know the incredible power it has to heal Lyme – so I don’t put down those who swear by vegan ketogenisis. Learn more before you slam something. Ketogenisis literally eats the pathogens and parasites that cause Lyme. We can’t live on a water fast and care for the kids. But we can drink green juice and eat avocados from time to time and heal deeply. I honor everyone trying to be healthy at all ends of the vegan spectrum. For me it’s not a lifestyle but it is a great cleanse and I respect its merits.

By giving up oh-so-American “live a little” mindset you get to live a lot. I heard it framed that way by Robert Lockhart and it stuck. When you give up live a little you get to live a lot.Beth Meme Ham vs Fruit

Living a lot means having the body of your dreams inside and out, having the energy to take care of your family and get to the gym, seeing your businesses and careers grow, following through on your volunteer commitments and experiencing happy, balanced emotions and self love most of the time. (It’s hard to truly love yourself when you are disgusted with yourself thanks to your “live a little” lapses over and over and over).

The “live a little” mindset kills.

All of those people clogging up our ER’s, ICUs and hospital rooms would have told you to live a little. They were living a little every day. And maybe dieting in between. Until they decided to live a little again.

Live a little is the deep fried stuff, the cheese and crackers, the processed foods, muffins and cookies and ice cream cheats. It’s the all you can eat vegan Indian buffet and the Chipoltles fuck ups and the lard filled beans at your favorite Mexican place that you keep forgetting to ask the server about because you know the reality is not good. It’s the vegan eggrolls and the justified chips that may or may not be deep fried. (They are always deep fried). It’s being shamed by your favorite aunt because you won’t try her stuffed mushrooms and she wants you to live a little! And you do it and die a little bit.

We live a little at restaurants, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and funerals. And usually sooner than later we pay the price as these lapses become a habit. And if we are chronically ill we cannot begin to heal at the deepest levels and achieve real freedom and health until we stop all this living a little nonsense.

Nobody tells you this part when you start. Or maybe you block it out. These people who achieved greatness stopped cheating at some point. Not once during my stay at True North Health in Santa Rosa eight years ago did Goldhamer and his pals tell me to remember to “live a little and don’t take this so seriously. Food isn’t the real issue.” With the chronically ill patients they are seeing every day food is, in fact, the foundation for the new lives they are trying to give them. They knew that half-baked mentality would lead to my demise. And it did. Eventually I had to go all the way. Abstinence.

Again, this blog is for those among us who are fat, sick and nearly dead and who want to change. (The rest of you, I beg you, please don’t ask me in the comments what I eat in a day. I eat plants. I eat raw and I’m not always able to answer every question so let’s skip that one. And like the rest of you I’m still trying to figure everything out. But this morning, once and for all, I decided to chuck this niggling little concept that lives in my brain like a little evil cupcake-addicted troll).

It’s for those of you who woke up this morning knowing in your heart you must change.

It’s for those who do not want the next decade to be the same as the last decade.

It’s for the “last gaspers” as we call them in 12 step circles, those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Don’t get me wrong. You can use live a little in the early days – those first few years – and still lose those first 100 pounds, still heal a lot of stuff. But if live a little is part of your permanent emotional reality, pretty soon it will bite you in the ass. Eventually, you’ll either get stuck or reverse. You’ll have the same body next year as you do today or you will grow even bigger, even sicker. Another New Year will come and go.

With Lyme you can stop the seizures and stabbing nerve pain and go back to work on the high raw live a little plan. But if you’ve done the real work and caught a glimpse of true health you come to realize you can’t stay there without saying goodbye to that live a little/die a lot  deal.

So today, rather than choosing to live a little I choose to live in the solution. (All of the good stuff comes from Alcoholics Anonymous, I swear). So to paraphrase Lockhart again, “When you live a little you live…a little.” Meaning both the length of your life and your quality of life are cut short.

But when you live in the solution you live a lot.  And you do this by giving up live a little. In return you get a whole new life, the “keys to the kingdom” as they say in AA. Without our health we have nothing. And conversely, when you have health you have everything, the greatest wealth there is, and outer conditions become less important.

My whole world is my health.

And we haven’t even talked about the spiritual benefits. That’s for another blog.

I want to live a lot. How about you?

-Elisabeth DunhamAmazing Rainbow

If you would like to learn more about my very affordable alkaline plant based group and buddy-system programs (or individual programs) for reversing disease and losing weight visit www.elisabethdunhamhealth.com or email me at elisabethdunham@gmail.com
Elisabeth Dunham is a certified nutrition coach and founder of Lava Love a vegan and organic line of bath product made from Oregon volcanoes. To purchase her line of detoxifying and pain relieving spa products and CBD hemp oils visit www.lavaloveusa.com

Or call/text 503-926-4654

If you would like to try our new CBD oil (which helped me get through detox on a raw diet and helped alleviate many of my symptoms over time, visit: Lava Love USA!



The story of Lava Love

By Elisabeth Dunham  Founder of Lava Love

A few years ago, in the grips of some strange soap-making obsession, I invented a product that changed my life.

I’d fallen in love with bentonite clay while using it during a juice cleanse. I was shocked at how much it helped with detox symptoms and I suddenly had the idea to create a line of bath products using this healing and detoxifying clay as a key ingredient. Bentonite is a type of magnetic clay that binds strongly to toxins such as heavy metals and other environmental pollutants when ingested or used in a bath.

Faded Beth1
Hanging at Silver Horse Ranch, where Lava Love was conceived

It’s so strong that when one bathes in it, it actually pulls toxins out of the pores of the skin, thus relieving the body’s stored load of heavy metals and other pollutants. (They are called fat soluble toxins because they store in our fat – bathing in clay draws them out of the fat cells and through the skin and down the drain. These toxins lead to illness and fatigue over time). It has proved invaluable to me during my battle with Lyme disease, which is a disease that is healed by detoxifying the body both of pathogenic and environmental toxins.

The first product that came to me was the soap. I’m not sure why. But in my mind I could almost feel a soap that was both creamy and thick (kind of like clay and heavy cream) but also sandy and exfoliating. It’s as if the clay soap was revealing itself to me – and it’s all I could think about and all I could talk about. I knew there was volcanic ash in the soil all over Oregon and I wondered if we had our own version of bentonite clay, considered one of the most detoxifying and healing clays in the world. (Later, I found out the answer was “yes” but back then I was only in the daydreaming – or more like channeling – phase of product development). It was as if Lava Love was being placed in my mind by some power greater than me, and I felt a little like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encouters of the Third Kind. I had to build the volcano! Little did I know I would be building Volcano Soap, which would become our signature product.

My favorite spot at Silver Horse Ranch

The weekend I started daydreaming about soap I was out in Bend, Oregon, visiting my friend’s ranch. Standing in her driveway I was taken by all the various forms of volcanic ash I could see in every direction. The gravel in the driveway was made from volcanic rocks;  there were big Lava rocks along the side of the driveway and at the side of the roads and the fields. Then there were the volcanoes themselves visible in the distance: the Three Sisters and Black Butte (a cinder cone volcano) among them. In fact, lava is all over the place in Central Oregon thanks to the many volcanoes and volcanic lava beds that dot the landscape. It is literally volcano country.

I began picking up rocks out of the driveway, wondering if I could somehow put them into soap as a kind of exfoliant. Within hours, much to my friend and boyfriend’s chagrin, I had made a quick trip to the craft store and was in the ranch kitchen cooking up some soap. What a way to ruin a vacation: Let’s go to Central Oregon and spend the weekend making soap! Come on, it’ll be fun!

The first batch, made with the driveway rock, turned out looking like something from the Flintstones: blue and lumpy and not nice to touch. (I still have one of those bars).

But a few days later, back in Portland, I added three more types of volcanic ash (yes, finely ground up lava in the form of bentonite, zeolite and pumice) and Lava Love was born.

Cylinder Hi Res - Large
First hockey puck like bars of Lava Love Volcano Soap

Sandy, pumicey and creamy Lava Love. Soon I was sharing them with everyone I knew and people were going a little crazy for the soap. They “got it.” They got whatever it was that my higher self was trying to show me. If you build it they will come. And today people keep coming to get Lava Love. They love the same silky and scratchy soap that I imagined that day back at the ranch.

I thank God, the Universe, for giving me such a great gift to share with this sick and toxic world in order to spread a message of health, in order to show people that there is hope and there is a way to get these toxins out of the body – and that detox can even be fun and relaxing. (Pretend I have Keith Olbermann’s voice for this next part:) We must detox. If we are drinking city water, bathing in city water, eating the U.S. food supply, breathing the air…we are toxic. Lava Love provides a way up and out, a way to bring down your constantly accumulating toxic load of heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, etc., all the things – along with toxins in the food – that will make us sick over time if we don’t do something about it.

Eat lots of raw foods, soak in and rub on clay, find some other protocols that work for you – and in time you will detoxify and thrive!

I hope you enjoy this magical clay soap (and masks and soaps) as much as I do! It’s been a delight to get to make these products, create Lava Love, and share them far and wide. Today Lava Love is in Whole Foods, Made in Oregon, Amazon fulfillment shipping worldwide, Amazon India and scores of boutiques, salons and spas. We have a new pet care line coming out this summer.

Want to know more about Lava Love? Visit www.lavalovebend.com and check out our blog and “about” page. You can also click the “shop” button at the top of the page and view the store.

Here’s the background you need to know:

Lava Love Volcano Soap is a magnetically charged multi-purpose soap made with organic ingredients, including moisturizing shea butter, lavender, peppermint, juniper and cedar plus three of the earth’s best cleaning and detoxifying substances:

Flawless Lava Love Black Heart
Our No. 1 bestseller: the black heart Volcano Soap
  • Bentonite is a type of absorbent and detoxifying clay from volcanic ash that binds strongly to toxins such as heavy metals and other environmental pollutants.
  • Zeolite is a type of volcanic mineral with a cage-like molecular structure that also binds to toxins and removes them from the surface of skin.
  • Pumice is a volcanic rock that consists of highly vesicular rough textured volcanic glass, which sometimes contain crystals. It acts as an exfoliator and removes dead skin cells.God quote

Use Lava Love:

  • The same way you would a pumice stone in the shower or bath. The pumice will gently exfoliate hands and feet while the bentonite and zeolite will gently pull toxins from the hands and feet, which are the two most porous places on the body.
  • As a deodorant soap because the lava actually cleans and soaks up moisture while cutting odor in armpits.
  • As a bath soap for kids. Not only will they get squeaky clean but the bentonite and zeolite will detoxify the bath water, caging up and removing chlorine and heavy metals and keeping these toxins out of your kid’s bodies.
  • As an all-over body soap, sudsing up and using the lather as an exfoliating scrub, especially good during juice cleanses to remove waste that is leaving through the skin.
  • As a gardening soap and a degreaser after a day of working outside or in the kitchen or garage.

    Mick jagger tree
    Kissing the Mick Jagger Tree at Shevlin Park, Bend, Oregon

Hugs and kisses, Elisabeth

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Pink Mountains Meme Lava Love

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Update on Ruth Plus Cholesterol Findings

A few years ago I had the pleasure of publishing my clients’ results on the plant-based diet in Natural Awakenings magazine in Portland. The article was excerpted from a newsletter that I’d written in the months’ previous. At the time, I’d only just graduated nutrition school and, being new to the field, was absolutely stunned with the results that were coming in from my relatively new clients. The changes in their health data were happening in weeks or months after we started working together and they started eating a new kind of diet.

Not only did they all lose weight but their cholesterol levels improved drastically, just as my hero, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, MD (of Forks Over Knives fame) had predicted in his books. Once someone knows the tricks to executing a plant-based diet the right way (and it’s trickier than you might think) and is able to remain compliant with the diet…that’s when the miracles start to happen.  That’s where coaching had helped me implement a healing diet and apparently it was working for my clients as well. It was an exciting time.

Ruth Before and After Meme 2  2016These days I’m used to seeing these kinds of results in clients such as Ruth in Portland, who has lost more than 70 pounds on a plant-strong diet while enjoying plummeting cholesterol levels. My practice has changed: These days I work with people all over the U.S., Asia and Europe via telephone, Skype and email. But back then I was mostly focused on Portland.

But the trend in data remains the same. And this month I wanted to revisit that original newsletter/article and show you a snapshot of group of clients all working with me at roughly the same time. Not getting the results you need from your plant based diet? Usually it’s just a matter of some simple tweaking. These folks can give you some hints.

Devotion to Plants Pays Off

While most people might say they are “committed” to a particular health program, Portland writer Jill Kelly prefers to use the word “devoted” when it comes to describing the mindset that has kept her eating a plant-based diet for the last several months.

“The word ‘devoted’ has an emotional and spiritual component to it for me,” says Kelly, 66. “I do this plan out of the love for my health and my well-being.”

Her devotion is paying off, according to her recent medical lab work. After several months on a plant-based diet, Kelly’s total cholesterol is down 72 points – from 226 when she started the diet five months ago to 154 today. Her triglycerides are down from 166 to 84. Her HDL (or “good cholesterol”) came up 7 points, which is good news. And her LDL (the “bad cholesterol”) dropped from 137 to 94. Her glucose, the indicator of a pre-diabetic condition, dropped six points back into the normal range. Total weight loss so far: 27 pounds. (She went on to lose more than 60 pounds).

As a certified nutrition counselor who specializes in helping clients utilize the plant-based diet for reversing heart disease and other illnesses, I’m used to seeing these kinds of results. (See sidebar below and read previous blogs on this site).

But Jill has been particularly diligent about setting up a system of shopping, preparing and eating that works for her. That’s where the devotion comes in. She takes time out at the beginning of the week to plan what she’s going to eat, shop for food and prepare soups and stews that can last her several days.

“My doctor now supports me stopping statins and we will recheck my cholesterol in a month. I’m also looking forward to cutting my blood pressure medication,” says Kelly, whose labs were ordered by her MD, Dr. Lauren Roberts, at Portland Clinic East. She has been documenting her dietary journey on her nationally followed blog called “Sober Truths” at http://www.sobertruths.blogspot.com.

The plant-based diet has become a popular healing tool thanks to movies like the Forks Over Knives, former President Bill Clinton’s highly publicized journey of reversing his own heart disease using the plant-based approach and Dr. Oz giving much publicity to the diet’s positive impact on heart patients. Microsoft’s Bill Gates and many other VIPs now eat plant based due to its positive results on health.

Thin Veggies Fat MeatBut it’s hard to go it alone. The average American diet has gotten so off course in terms of promoting health in the body that it takes a lot of support from someone trained in the plant-based approach to turn the ship around. That’s why a growing number of practitioners are beginning to specialize in plant-based services, helping clients get educated and providing them with organizational and motivational tips as well as shopping lists, recipes and other resources.

So what is a plant-based diet?

Put simply, it’s a health-promoting vegan or non-vegan diet that emphasizes the consumption of nutrient-dense plant foods while minimizing processed foods, oils, and animal products (including dairy and eggs). The idea is to eat a lot of vegetables – cooked or raw – along with fruit, beans and some grains, nuts and seeds. The diet is generally low in fat.

Some famous practitioners like Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, allow small amounts of animal products such as egg whites while other, such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, recommends completely avoiding animal products.

As a certified nutrition consultant I recommend that my clients hoping to reverse and prevent heart disease avoid dairy products and keep their consumption of other animal products to less than five percent of their total calories, especially in the early weeks when detoxification symptoms can occur. After that many of them choose to exclude animal products altogether. And it’s important to remember that this is not a diet that fits all ailments. Some people with certain neurological and bacterial illnesses are better off avoiding grains and other starches – but a plant-based diet can be tailored to those needs.

So why does the plant-based approach work so well? Here are just a few of the factors:

Low cholesterol. Because the plant-based diet de-emphasizes or removes animal products and oil it also reduces or removes most common sources of cholesterol.
Plant-based sterols. Small amounts of these substances in the walls of plant cells are found naturally in fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. As they travel through the intestinal tract, they compete with artery-clogging LDL particles and prevent them from being absorbed into the bloodstream.
Viscous fiber. Viscous fiber found in oats, barley, bran and brown rice is the sticky variety of soluble fiber, which dissolves readily in liquids. In the body, it acts as a sponge, absorbing cholesterol and carrying it out of the body.Fruit plate
*Be sure to look at the sidebar below to see further amazing results from my clients testimonials regarding their experiences on the plant-base diet we created for them!

-Elisabeth Dunham, certified nutrition counselor and health coach in Portland, Ore.

Elisabeth Dunham website

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Cholesterol results and testimonials

Goodbye High Cholesterol and Pre-diabetes

This morning I went for blood work so we would have the results when we meet next week. I was amazed by the results that came in an email this afternoon. My cholesterol is down 72 points, from 226 last fall (when I started working with Elisabeth) to 154 today. My triglycerides were down an equally huge number, from 166 to 84. My HDL came up 7 points, which is good news, and my LDL dropped from 137 to 94. Everything else was in the normal range for the first time in probably 15 years. Even my glucose (indicator of pre-diabetic conditions) dropped 6 points back into the normal range. My doctor now supports me stopping statins and we will recheck my cholesterol in a month. I’m also cutting my blood pressure medication meds in half.

I am ecstatic and looking forward to talking with the doctor about getting off of some of my prescriptions. The plan is working for me! Hurray!

(Total weight loss so far on the program: 26 lbs)

-Jill Kelly, author and editor, Portland

Bad Cholesterol Plummets

And the results are in…. I started working with Elisabeth in November and just received my lab results today from the doctor following a physical. Five years ago I went on blood pressure medication which was a little unnerving at the time, since I thought I was maintaining a fairly healthy diet and exercise regimen. It bothered me to think I was going to take a pill the rest of my life and there was nothing I could do to change that.

A year and a half ago the doctor said I would need to go on a cholesterol medication if my numbers continued trending the way they were.

Cool Green smoothie picSix months of smoothies, Elisabeth-coaching, gluten-free, Elisabeth-educating, dairy free, Elisabeth-motivating, nearly meat free, Elisabeth-supporting… I am happy to say I have reversed the trend. My blood pressure was the lowest it’s been in five years and I’m discussing with the doctor about going off my medication. And my cholesterol numbers:

Total Cholesterol (goal below 200) 242 to 164
  HDL-good cholesterol (goal above 40) 63 to 61
 LDL-bad cholesterol (goal below 130) 154 to 95

My doctor was ecstatic and I’m over the moon. Thank you Beth! I’ve done this while training for an huge endurance event and for those that wonder “where will I get my protein?” it’s a non-issue if you follow Beth’s advice.

-Bill Motter, Portland, OR

Vastly Lowered Cholesterol in Just 90 Days

This stuff works. In just three months on Elisabeth’s program I have lost 18 pounds and seen my cholesterol plummet. Here is my cholesterol update after three months:

Total cholesterol 264 down to 185
 HDL 48 down to 46 
LDL 174 down to 113

-David Didier, 50, Portland

Never Too Old! Twenty-two Pound Weight Loss and Big Drop in Cholesterol

I will be 80 next June and a colon cancer survivor five years out. While I felt fairly healthy for my age I still had frequent bouts of colitis, had low energy, and borderline cholesterol.

One of my sons and a friend of his had been working with Elisabeth and were singing her praises. I admit that I was a bit skeptical but when a second son started with her and all three kept urging me, I gave her a call six months ago.

It was the best decision I could have made.

In just two months my total cholesterol fell from 244 to 98, HDL from 71 to 55, and LDL from 135 to 120.

Elisabeth’s calls always ended with goal setting as well as an evaluation of previous goals. This and her cheery support gave me the encouragement I needed…in six months I have lost 22 pounds and weigh what I did in my 20’s.

She helped me set an exercise goal; my energy level improved and I am going to the gym 3 times a week, riding the stationary bicycle 30 minutes, and planning on attending the swim sessions. My colitis symptoms have lessened, an added plus to the gluten free, dairy free, and nearly meat free diet. I am delighted that I listened to my sons and joined them in following Elisabeth’s health and well-being plan. Bouquets of thanks to you, Elisabeth.

-Ruth Motter Bentley, 79 Portland, Oregon

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How Extra Weight Effects Your Insides

Harvard University Study Reveals the Fat Facts

Did you know that if you are carrying extra pounds you face a higher-than-usual risk for more than 50 different health problems?

These health problems include heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer – the nation’s leading causes of death. Yes, that cheese pizza you are sneaking is more deadly to Americans than those cigarettes advertised in magazines. The leading causes of death in this country are all caused by food not drugs or alcohol.

But there are other risks strongly associated with carrying extra pounds including everything from gout and gallstones to depression and other mood disorders.

Thin Veggies Fat Meat

So carrying extra weight is not just a problem of body image it’s a problem of health. According helpguide, a Harvard study that combined data from more than 50,000 men (participants in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study) and more than 120,000 women (from the famed Nurses’ Health Study) revealed some sobering statistics about weight and our health.

Volunteers in the study provided their height and weight, as well as details about their diets, health habits, and medical histories.

Harvard researchers then tracked the volunteers over more than a decade.

They noted the occurrence of illnesses and compared those developments with each subject’s body mass index (BMI)—an estimate of an individual’s relative body fat calculated from his or her height and weight, according to the article.

The findings: Being overweight or obese increased the risk of diabetes 20 times and substantially increased the risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and gallstones.

Among people who were overweight or obese, there was a direct relationship between BMI and risk: the higher the BMI, the higher the likelihood of disease.

So if you’re carrying some extra weight and not feeling your best, it may be time to look for a solution before things turn dire. We always suggest starting with the movie “Forks Over Knives” (free on Netflix or for rent on YouTube). If you watch it and get as inspired as we did years ago, then try watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”

In both films you will see people taking complete control and responsibility for their health through their actions, mainly eating a health-promoting plant-based diet and beginning a moderate exercise program.

Before and After Flab MayWe did this ourselves (as you can see above) and got amazing results. But we needed help, lots of help, to do it right. A plant-based diet done the wrong way can make your health worse and cause that belly to get bigger. But with a little guidance, support, expertise and resources/recipes you will be well on your way toward the new, slimmer and more healthier you – in no time flat.

Let’s help you reverse disease in your body, get you off those meds and lose those extra pounds that are making you sick and leading toward an early grave. Who wants to spend their latter years in a nursing home when we could be living independently, gardening in our own yards, driving ourselves and staying in control of our health and weight as we age. Age itself does not make us sick but our reliance on unhealthy foods does.

So much of what we have learned about health and food over the years is just wrong. Let’s get you on the right track today!

Ruth before and after meme
My client Ruth has now lost more than 70 pounds and loves her plant-based way of life!


We have health counseling programs that will change your life starting as low as $240. Call today for your FREE health chat. (503) 926-4654. Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Don’t wait another day!

Let food be thy medicine … We did!
And it changed our lives. That’s why we help busy people like you heal their bodies, lose weight and MANIFEST HEALTH NOW!

We are people like you working for you. We understand the pressures you are under. That’s why we became certified nutrition counselors and developed this easy-t0-follow, inexpensive plant-based program that will dramatically change the way you look and feel in just 10 days (if not sooner) while allowing you to take the best parts with you when you leave.

Fruit plate

We have developed a roadmap to health based on the latest research. Perhaps you’ve watched Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead or Crazy Sexy Cancer. Maybe you’ve read the China Study. You’ve heard these diets can reverse and prevent heart disease and other illnesses, reduce cholesterol, inflammation and weight while improving moods and problems with stress. But you might be wondering where to begin and how to make this way of life realistic for you.

That’s where we come in! We developed the Manifest Health nutritional counseling program to take the guess work out of eating a plant-based, health-promoting diet (from vegan to plant-based paleo and everything in between) that will help you feel better than ever. Let us support you.

As part of this simple step-by-step process (weekly 25-minute telephone sessions with email followup of summary and resources/recipes) you will:

-Reverse and prevent many chronic health conditions
-Drop unneeded pounds while eating delicious foods
-Cleanse and detoxify your body at a cellular level
-Have more energy and mental focus
-Begin to heal your body and mind
-Heal digestive problems & sleep better!
Start to get these results today. Text: 503-926-4654. To get started on your free session simply fill out one of the attached health forms today and email it back to us. We’ll get in touch to schedule your session!



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50 and Fruity; My Rough Road to Raw

Faded bikini Beth Hawaii
Celebrating fruity 50th on Maui

I’m one of those people who should have given up on the 80/10/10 raw foods diet. At times the detox process has felt impossible, like something I wouldn’t get through – ever. But at age 50, after a roller coaster year of transitioning, I am starting to feel really good – better than I have ever felt in my life – on a diet of fresh, raw, ripe fruits and vegetables with a little bit of healthy fats.

Early on, that wasn’t the case. I would feel great after a few weeks on the diet and symptoms of chronic illness would disappear. But then my weight would plummet and I would get into some deep detox phases with migraines, dizziness and fatigue. I’d want to give up for good. And yet I knew deeply that the high carb low fat raw diet was the best way for me to banish a decade of Lyme disease from my body and achieve a high level of health. I could see the vibrancy in the eyes of those who’d achieved this epic feat and I wanted what they had.

By early last year I’d been trying to transition onto the 80/10/10 for months – years if you include the half hearted attempts following water fasts and juice fasts starting around 2010, the year I was introduced to Doug Graham’s book and the wonderful Arnold’s Way videos on YouTube. Even back then, very sick with Lyme and mercury toxicity, I felt pulled toward the raw food lifestyle, which was said to be the natural diet of man, the diet we’d eaten as we’d evolved – our “species specific” diet. But with all of my health issues (I now refer to Lyme as simply “Toxic Body Syndrome”) I couldn’t seem to eat the fruit diet without getting even sicker due to the hellscape of detox that seemed to want to take me down. By the summer of 2014, after years on an imperfect plant-based diet with lots of green smoothies, I was determined to try the 80/10/10 again.

I started with various juice and smoothie programs, “banana islands,” long periods of all fruit and no fat. That’s what the old-timers told me to do in order to hasten the transition and begin feeling better. And it worked! On fruit, my body cured itself of the worst of the Lyme symptoms in about three weeks.  Hawaii Fruit

But after about a month to six weeks of these “islands” my weight would get to the boundaries of the “unsafe” zone, which was about 113 pounds (I’m 5’10). As I released toxin-filled stores of fat and pathogenetic illness something would happen. Maybe it was heavy metals leaving. Maybe it was parasites dying. But I’d get those migraines and other symptoms that made it hard to even think straight. Perhaps because of all the toxins passing through my digestive tract I could not absorb the nutrition my body was taking in – even eating an abundance of sweet fruit – and the scale kept going down.


After more than a year of transitioning I can tell you now, in hindsight, that 99.9 percent of that was detox. I know that sounds trite and we are all sick of hearing the word “detox.” But for me that’s what it was.

Rainbows and Unicorns?

Today, miraculously, after months and months of the dreaded detox, I am fairly comfortable on my current juice feast (with tiny amounts of fruit here and there and aiming for juice-only in the coming weeks). And I am  super comfy on the 80/10/10 diet. This is a miracle!

I need to remember to stay grateful for this rather than focusing on the detox episodes that still come and go with the juices.

I know a lot of people jump onto the 80/10/10 lifestyle and ride off into the fruity sunset. Other people suffer from some detox for just a few weeks or months. For some of us, however, the almost intolerable symptoms seem to go on endlessly. Lots of people like me give up for good and never realize their ultimate health goals and meet their true, essential blissed-out human selves. I wanted the whole (raw) enchilada. But early on I wasn’t figuring out how to get there.

So as one of those people in the “hopeless” category who has made a lot of progress I thought I would share some of the things that helped me get comfortable and happy on the low fat high carb raw diet:

I never gave up. I was serious about the 80/10/10 and made it my goal and worked toward it even when the odds seemed stacked against me and I had to take breaks in order to keep working and caring for my children. If you feel called to eat this way because of a serious health condition then make it your goal, work toward it and don’t expect perfection. Your body may have other ideas and decide to transition at its own pace. But just keep at it. Your body/soul will lead you in the right direction. I stopped seeing my breaks as “failures” but as something I had to do in order to keep detoxing while working three jobs and taking care of kids as a full time single mom. In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to go all the way with it and I kept watching videos and reading blogs by people who were successful.

I learned to stop the suffering but not the detox. I failed a lot at first but by the second half of my first year I learned how to take breaks without completely turning off the detox. I believe you can do this in two ways: Keep eating all raw but add in some extra fats like avocado; or eat a lot of raw foods during the day but add in some cooked plants at night – leaving fats like nuts, seeds and coconuts mostly or completely out of that high raw diet. I experimented with these two ways of slowing but not stopping the detox. Lower fat was definitely the best for me in terms of fighting Lyme but every body is different so experimenting is wise. Adding in some cooked for a few months allowed me to eat a no-fat diet that not only fought Lyme but eventually made the transition into a low fat raw diet relatively easy. A simple diet is always best. Foods like steamed squash, zucchini, greens were much better than starches. Again, just my opinion and what worked for me in my transition.Beth on Grass with Fruit

I kept my colon clean! There is no way I would have made it through more than a year of intense detox without colonics and enemas. If you are able to afford colonics do them once a week. A colonic will yank years of stored bodily waste out through your liver and colon in just one session, thus allowing the rest of your body’s cells to drop their toxic load as well. It’s like a nice trip to detoxville without all the trouble. If you can’t afford weekly colonics then do them do them once a month with enemas in between – or not at all with lots of enemas. A lot of 80/10/10ers slam enemas. That’s because they do not fall into the category of people who have extreme negative symptoms when detoxifying on a plant-based or raw diet. (MTHFR gene anyone?) Ignore these folks. Their body is way different than yours.

I prayed my (very clean) ass off.  I believe having a spiritual life helps us cope with detox. I had to ask my Higher Power (yours can be God, Jesus, the Universe, the doorknob, whatever) to help me get through this detox deal as peacefully as possible and make the way known and clear. I can tell you that all of the episodes of hopelessness I had over the last year showed me this in hindsight: Every time something did not work and I wanted to give up it was because God wanted me to have the very best. He/she did not want to bring me this far for me to live with a grain brain for the rest of my life. (Yes, I love the plant-based diet but right now grains suck for me). For me the 80/10/10 diet is the very best.

Self love and affirmations. I created five key affirmations for myself and I would say them as frequently as I could remember and even hang them around the house on Post-it notes. Affirmations trained my brain and body to get well. There’s now a TON of scientific data showing that affirmations work. Stay away from people who say otherwise (lots of toxic, hopeless people will say they don’t work but they are a foundation point of every great religion and spiritual practice in the world). They do work! I affirm: “I’m getting better and better every day in every way” and “I eat only foods that bring me into a state of peace and harmony and health.” Whatever you want to create inside and for yourself make that your affirmation and say it often. Your body will take it from there.

Remember, detoxification is on your body’s timeline, not your brain’s timeline. If it had been up to me I would have transitioned into the 80/10/10 in three weeks and it would have been all unicorns and butterflies from there on out.

Maybe those of us who suffer through some prolonged detox are fortunate in that we learn compassion for ourselves and others and can lend a helping hand to new people in need without judgment.

Don’t ever give up on your health!

If I can answer any questions please reach out to me through my websites or private message me on Facebook.



With love,








Free From Extra Weight and Smoking on Plant Strong Diet!

This is one of my favorite testimonials. Increasing the plant foods in my clients’ diet has an amazing impact on their health – no matter where they’re coming from in terms of their eating.

We got Beth on the right foods and the right (inexpensive) supplements and she healed years of digestive issues that had stumped doctors. She also lost 12 pounds and quit smoking after decades. Amazing stuff happens when you make small incremental changes that add up to big changes!

Energized, leaner and no longer smoking

       By the time I started seeing Elisabeth I had hit a wall with conventional doctors. I wasn’t getting the help I needed, and knew I needed to do something different. I was at the end of my rope. I had had surgery two years earlier for a bowel obstruction – and the two years leading up to seeing Elisabeth had been absolutely miserable. I was always tired. No one could give me answers as to why I was having constant digestive distress and IBS symptoms. I stopped going out much – or if I did go somewhere I would often have to leave early. Sometimes I wouldn’t have problems but I couldn’t count on it.

I was having a really difficult time managing the health system. My issues were so complex and nobody knew if it was my digestive system or reproductive system and I kept being referred to different doctors.

Last spring I experienced a huge spike in symptoms for about six weeks. That was in May and I started seeing Elisabeth in June.

During health counseling, the benefits I received far outreached what I thought they would be. It became about a lot more than just my diet and my digestive health – but in a positive way. Working with Elisabeth helped me to better understand the connection between all of the different systems in my body rather than just solving one problem. I learned I had to take a whole person approach.

Today, I would say I am in a much better place. I experience very few to zero symptoms and I am still learning more and more about the underlying issues in my body. I have become more in tune with my body. Now, I can actually tell when I don’t feel right and when things affect me. When I was eating poorly I wouldn’t even know that I was exhausted or that my sleep needed to be adjusted.

While working with Elisabeth I lost about 12 pounds, partly because I had more energy to work out with a personal trainer and on my own and to do the shopping and preparation it takes to eat the foods that keep the IBS symptoms at bay.

The biggest impact has been the huge positive impact on my digestive health. I have experienced a reduction in symptoms and I feel better and have more energy. I was able to see results and meet some of my personal goals at the gym thanks to greater strength and endurance. At one point my weight loss had stalled and I was able to push past the plateau in the gym.

During health counseling and with Elisabeth’s support, I also quit smoking after more than 20 years. What helped me to do that was to realize that everything is interconnected and if I wanted the best possible results I was going to have to do something about that too. That was part of the mental, educational thing that if I am working this hard on other things I can’t keep putting that into my body. I feel like I’m a pretty smart person but it wasn’t until I was listening to somebody else that it was made more real. Elisabeth was able to take what I knew and put it into practice in a way that worked for me. She gave me real tangible things to put into practice.

What made it work was the fact that we did it in increments that I could handle. You have to teach people in increments that they can handle. Elisabeth broke down the process into steps I could easily take on a week-to-week basis. If she had started tout telling me where I would be today I would have quit. Quit smoking and start eating healthy? I would not have believed it. But with week-by-week direction we did it in a way I could handle it.

People don’t learn in one way and Elisabeth was able to meet me where I was at with what I was able and willing to do. I would not have gotten the same results without her.

-Beth Putz, Portland, OR

We have health coaching programs starting as low as four 25-minute sessions (with email follow up suggestions/support and resources) for $240 or six for $300 (one session free!). Please text me at 503-926-4654 or private message me on Facebook if you are interested in transforming yourself in the new year!




My Go-tos for Ditching SAD

Hello! Here’s my blog with ideas to help your SAD BluesDandy Lion

When your mood and energy tank around early December don’t fret. There are a few key things you can do to help naturally lift your mood!

Unfortunately, I have to do EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things or I don’t get out of the Seasonal Affective Disorder slump right away. Everyone I talk to in my cloudy hometown seems to be suffering.

So if you just can’t take another day of feeling those seasonal blues, try my Instant Sunshine Pack for SAD (I’m including links to brands I like at the bottom of the newsletter but I’m not affiliated with any of them). You won’t believe how cheap some of these supplements are.

Vitamin D. Of course the most important recommendation of all. Within 15 minutes of taking 2,000-6,000 IUs of Vitamin D you can feel your brain starting to change. That’s because Vitamin D triggers your body to make serotonin, its happy neurotransmitter. Quickly too.

Omega from the sea. That means 1 gram of fish oil (or algae oil if you are vegan) per day. In order to get t
he anti-depressant effect we are looking for when it comes to SAD you gotta get the Omega fatty acids that come from fish or what the fish eat: Algae. I learned this at True North Health, a staunchly vegan facility. And it’s true. Chia just doesn’t cut it for those of us with seasonal blues.

Methly B12. OMFree Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor. Freedom cG so good. I like Jarrow formula because it’s cheap (on Amazon for about $7 sometimes). Start with 1,000 mcg twice a day. This lovely supplement heals the nervous system and balances the mood and can get you out of a slump pretty quickly.

A good B vitamin. This is another must have in my cold weather Instant Sunshine Pack. My favorite brand by far: Megafoods Balanced B complex. It has a nice, soothing and lifting impact on the mood this time of year. All of the B vitamins help nourish and steady your nerves. You won’t be so bothered by those crazy drivers and lines at the grocery store.

Keep that liver clean! A clean liver is the key to a happy mood. So try some liver cleaning dandelion tea or another bitter such as raw baby arugula in your salad. Raw beets are another fantastic liver cleansing tonic for winter. Eat them grated in salads or blended in raw soups and smoothies. Enemas and colon hydrotherapy are also very helpful this time of year! You won’t believe the difference a clean colon/liver makes.

Sunshine. The source of all goodness when it comes to moods. Some of us require some sunlight on our skin in order to feel 100 percent. If you can’t head to the tropics, head to your nearest tanning bed, STAT. Even sitting in a tanning bed for eight to 10 minutes once a week or twice a month can totally change your life this time of year. I can’t say enough about this trick. The minute you are in the tanning bed and for days afterwards you will notice that you just feel better. I always think “Why did I wait until December to do this?” If you are fair skinned this option is not for you. Stick with a little Vitamin D.

Fruit plate
And nothing – nothing – helps the mood like a health-promoting plant-filled diet filled with raw sun foods. If you have trouble knowing where to start or would like a little tune up to get you on back on track for 2016 send me an email.

My programs start for as low as $240 for four life-changing, life re-booting sessions. You will get weekly phone support (in all 50 states plus Asia and Europe) with all of your materials emailed to you following each session. You can even ask me questions between sessions. Health counseling can totally and completely change your life and help you feel better fast. Don’t spend a minute of 2016 feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired. Start your transformation today.

Yours in health!
Elisabeth Dunham

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Here’s links to the supplements I mentioned

Vegan D3

Algae Omega

Methyl B12

B Complex

Pink Dress Girl

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