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How to Detox with Clay Baths!

As the co-founder of Lava Love I am often asked how to use clay in a detox bath – and how much clay should be used.

My advice is to always start slowly.

So I put together this little detox protocol that is not only safe but effective. Clay bathing is a lifetime practice. We live in a toxic world and we are always coming into contact with heavy metals and other toxins through the air we breathe and the food we eat, etc. Clay bathing is proven to rid the body of these toxins. But it’s such a good cleanse that we can feel a little tired afterwards. (And ready for bed). So why not start slowly with some clay in your evening bath and build from there?

Beth and Jen bathtub
Me and Jen in the bath after a hard day of hair and makeup

You will need:

1/4 to 1 cup of Bentonite Clay powder (We personal love our Lava Love Bath powder, which is pure bentonite clay powder with a dash of extra detoxifying zeolites and charcoal).

1 to 2 cups of Epsom Salts

What to do:
Mix the above ingredients in a hot bath and stir with a wooden spoon to disperse. Let ingredients sit in bath for 10 minutes and then get in. If you are new to clay baths and/or highly sensitive then soak for only five minutes the first few times. Get out and rinse off, then rest and drink plenty of water. To replace electrolytes take an electrolyte supplement or ¼ to ½ sea salt in water.

Week one: One to two five-minute clay baths.
Week two: One to two 10-minute clay baths.
Week three: One to two 15-20 minute clay baths.
Week four: One to two 20-minute clay baths.
Always follow with a nice shower to rinse off any clay residue!

Once you are at two 20-minute clay baths per week, keep that up for three months to bring down load of heavy metals significantly. Be sure to re-mineralize after bath using one of the following: 1 cup vegetable broth or one serving of trace mineral supplement (follow directions on bottle). Green smoothies and fresh green juices like cucumber, celery and spinach are also great for re-mineralizing the body!

lava love spa kit

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Elisabeth Dunham, certified nutrition consultant and co-founder of Lava Love

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